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16 Jan

Student Apartments Huddersfield – Top Marks!

Student Apartments Huddersfield

When it comes to Student Apartments Huddersfield, particularly Studio Apartments Huddersfield, The Courtyard and Broomfield House gets a resounding ‘Thumbs Up’ from students. We’ve been asking students what makes the perfect student accommodation. The top answers were:


And guess what – we score 100% across the board! Student Accommodation Huddersfield – The Courtyard and Broomfield House scores higher than most in the things that matter…

STUDENT APARTMENTS HUDDERSFIELD: 5 Minutes Walk from Huddersfield University Campus 100%

STUDENT APARTMENTS HUDDERSFIELD: Spacious Student Studio Apartments 100%

STUDENT APARTMENTS HUDDERSFIELD: Student living with all bills included 100%

STUDENT APARTMENTS HUDDERSFIELD: Secure Studio Accommodation Huddersfield 100%

We invite you to drop by and check out our facilities here at The Courtyard and Broomfield house. Like we said, we’re only 4 minutes from campus.

The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Apartments Huddersfield certainly has enough to keep you occupied, with a fantastic Chill Out Room & Cinema you and your mates can immerse yourselves in some cinematic escapism or host the world’s first Student Apartments Huddersfield Broomfield House Pool Tournament, or perhaps a Student Apartments Huddersfield Air Hockey Knockout – well, it’s just a suggestion.

Whatever you decide to do, the The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Apartments Huddersfield team is here to help!

Need more info on Huddersfield University timetable?

For more information on term dates, revision weeks, marking and moderation check University of Huddersfield‘s website for full list of term dates. Or, just ask a member of Broomfield House Student Apartments Huddersfield – we’re in the know ????

16 Jan


Student Summer Lets Huddersfield

Summer is just around the corner, so if you haven’t organised your break accommodation in Huddersfield yet, give us a call. The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Apartments are ideal for a summer break in your favourite University town. Chances are, the friends you’ve made at Huddersfield University will be staying at their respective accommodation for the summer break, so it’s a chance for you and your new Uni BFFs to enjoy some quality time.

Student Summer Lets Huddersfield – fabulous student studio apartments only 4 minutes from campus (and the town centre).

Student Summer Lets Huddersfield – Call TODAY.

16 Jan

The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Accommodation – NEW WEBSITE!

Brand new brand…

We finally got around to commissioning a new website for The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Accommodation (about time too). It’s taken us a while because we’ve been busy perfecting what we consider to be the finest student digs in Huddersfield – don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself! We are particularly proud of our Chill Area & Cinema Room, but The Courtyard and Broomfield House has so many unique features you won’t find in other Huddersfield student studio apartments we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

Anyway, let us know what you think about our new website! ????

16 Jan


Student living in Huddersfield doesn’t get any cooler than this. 

Living and studying in Huddersfield stacks the odds firmly in your favour. The University of Huddersfield boasts an excellent reputation for research, graduate employment and has significant and respected links with business, whilst living at The Courtyard or Broomfield House means that you can chill in luxury and style.

Limited flats remaining, so CALL NOW! 01484 937750

16 Jan

Huddersfield Student Digs with Cool New Chill Out Area

Huddersfield Student Digs with Cool New Outdoor Area

How do you like to chill out? Catch a movie, read a book, shoot some pool, immerse in Playstation…? Whatever floats your ‘me time’ boat, we’ve got. Even air hockey.

Come down to The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Accommodation for a a nosey and we guarantee you’ll be suitably impressed with the studio apartments, the facilities, the staff and the Chill Out Area. What’s more, we’re an easy 5 minutes walk from the University of Huddersfield.

So, if you answer “yes” to the following questions, come and say hello…

  • Do you like comfort?
  • Do you like convenience?
  • Do you like films/pool/playstation (any or all)?
  • Do you like strolling to lectures?

Huddersfield student digs with added chill.

16 Jan


The Courtyard and Broomfield House leads the way in the Huddersfield Student Apartment stakes…

Our luxury student studio apartments offer chic, contemporary self-contained living for modern students. Every studio apartment is furnished to a high standard and equipped with en-suite facilities, flat-screen TV, double bed, wardrobe, desk, built in audio system, intercom and kitchenette with integrated fridge, microwave oven and hob.

We have set the Huddersfield student apartment benchmark, both for build quality and facilities such as laundry, bike storage, high-speed broadband, CCTV and secure door entry system.

Move in to your very own studio apartment! Get in touch TODAY!

20 Jan

Happy 2019 to Huddersfield Students!

It’s going to be a fantastic year for Huddersfield Students!

As the new term commences, there a lot to look forward to if you are studying and living in Huddersfield. Lectures will, of course, occupy every student’s mind as we all get into gear for 2019, however a thought should be spared for student accommodation in Huddersfield. Yes, September seems a long way off, but the time to secure that fabulous student studio apartment on the doorstep of Huddersfield University is right now!

Strike whilst the iron is hot and check out the amazing student apartments at The Courtyard and Broomfield House Huddersfield!

Student studios are the most popular type of student apartments in Huddersfield right now. With demand outweighing supply, it’s the early bird (or savvy student) who wins. Pop in to The Courtyard or Broomfield House Student Apartments Huddersfield this January to see what student living in Huddersfield should be like.

Huddersfield Students, what do you call yours??

Whatever phrase you choose –student digsstudent padstudent flatsstudent apartmentsstudent studiostudent housing or student accommodation – you’ll find the best student studio apartments in Huddersfield right here at The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Studios Huddersfield. Give us a call on 01484 937750 to book a tour.


20 Jan

Student Flats in Huddersfield – The Courtyard and Broomfield tops the list!

Student Flats in Huddersfield

“First term at Huddersfield University has gone well and The Courtyard and Broomfield Student Accommodation is ACE!”

That’s the feedback from students living at The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Accommodation!! As Student Flats in Huddersfield go, The Courtyard and Broomfield House scores high on the satisfaction chart, both for quality and friendly, efficient management.

We’re highly rated because we listen to students. We are interested to hear of their progress in their chosen subjects and take on board any suggestions they might have about ways we can enhance their stay.

Keeping on top…

The choice of student flats in Huddersfield is growing. We recognise this and don’t intend to rest on our laurels. With a brand new fitness gym planned for 2019 and even greater things planned in regards to facilities, we intend to remain the students’ favourite when it comes to quality accommodation in Huddersfield.

Watch this space!

20 Jan


The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Studio Apartments Huddersfield come in a number of options.

We offer an All Inclusive rent package for each of our studio apartment types. This covers electricity, water and internet, so you can sleep easy in your big comfy bed, safe in the knowledge that there will be no scary bills dropping through your door during the academic year. Phew!

Student Studio Apartments Huddersfield

If you haven’t booked your student digs for Huddersfield University’s academic year 2019/20, we would respectfully suggest you get your skates on. Huddersfield studio availability is limited and a viewing at this stage would be highly recommended. Get in touch today or, better still, drop by and check out our modern, swanky student pads and the rest of the cool facilities here at The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Studio Apartments Huddersfield.

20 Jan


Postgraduate Study

If you’re considering a postgraduate course, research degree or professional development, go along to the Huddersfield University Postgraduate Study Fair and discover all your study options from Master’s to PhDs.

You’ll  get an opportunity to:

  • Chat to current postgraduate students and researchers
  • Find out about Master’s and Doctoral loans as well as benefits for continuing Huddersfield graduates
  • Get top tips and advice on making your application
  • Explore our campus and facilities
  • Discover the specialist learning support available

Student Accommodation in Huddersfield

If you have selected The University of Huddersfield for your degree,  you have chosen well. Particularly if your intended career path is in industry or engineering.

For the time you will be living in this fantastic and exciting city (technically it’s a town – the largest in the country), so you might as well live in style!

The Courtyard and Broomfield House Student Accommodation has some of the finest studio apartments Huddersfield has to offer, and we  invite you to come and see for yourself. Drop us a line or give us a call to arrange a tour, 01484 937750

20 Jan


Student Halls Huddersfield

Whether the term ‘Student Halls Huddersfield’ conjures up thoughts of Hogwarts-style dormitories within ancient schools or stylish student apartments next to modern universities (The Courtyard and Broomfield House being the latter, of course), everyone recognises that student homes come in many shapes and sizes.

Wikipedia describes student halls as:

“A dormitory (dorm) or hall of residence or hostel, is a building primarily providing sleeping and residential quarters for large numbers of people, often boarding schoolcollege or university students…”

Student Halls – a nod to the past

Modern though our studio apartments are, Broomfield House (student homes) boasts architecture from a past era. The building was formerly a 19th century iron works, before being converted into a textile mill during the Victorian period. Solidly built in traditional brick and stone the building’s design lends itself to modern, warehouse-style apartment living.

Gothic, it may not be, but Broomfield Student Halls Huddersfield is a far cry from the breeze block student apartments one sees dotted around Huddersfield today.

Come and take a look…

Broomfield House is synonymous with the term Student Homes Huddersfield and we invite you to see our fabulous studio apartments for yourself. Call 01484 937750 today to arrange a viewing.